At Home​/​Not Home

by Defne

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I recorded these late at night sitting in my bathtub with a shitty USB mic so nothing is perfect and everything is fuzzy.


released October 23, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Defne.



all rights reserved


Defne Saint Catharines, Ontario

Defne is a bedroom pop musician from Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her fragile songs of heartache and longing hum with the energy of anticipation. The spaces between falling snowflakes. A sideways glance across a crowded venue. Grass stains on the ankles of your jeans as you run home at 2 in the morning past darkened windows and empty playgrounds. ... more

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Track Name: Pripyat
My skin melted to his
In the morning he spoke to me
Whispery like a TV turned low

Things I'll never understand

The wind melted my bricks
Left holes in my children's hearts
Holes in my skin where his cut lips kissed
The elephant's foot stamped out shapes in the sand

Lines and circles I'll never understand

Left wrapped in lead
I swear I'll never know a breath like his

Chernobyl II
Show your face in the form of an arm's race
Track Name: Bathurst
Press your calloused hands to my back
And feel it breaking

Press your ears to my mouth and hear
My teeth breaking


Things always feel like they fall at a divide
If I kiss his face, will he remember?
Here in the back the devil makes work for your idle hands
So press me tightly around your boozy breath
And tell me that you love me

Callouses feel like sandpaper as they brush my cheeks
Your eyelashes are little razors as they cut my fingers
And my hipbones


Things always feel like they fall at a divide
Numb and prickly cheeks always bring me back to December
And if I kiss his face, will he remember?

It was a cold month here in Ontario
And I just can't seem to get away from the snow
From the snow
So press me down and wrap me in your lungs
Your boozy breath and cigarettes will keep me warm
Keep me warm
Track Name: St. George
There's no rush
There's always another train
So stay here a little longer
And kiss me under the rumble
of the St. George northbound

The four points of this map that I have seen
Eastbound, westbound, southbound, and north
Traveling back and forth
All those last goodbyes or farewells
Hands in the cookie jar, teach me to spell
Reading comes easy, you're like a book
But how will I ever word or write or tell
What you do to me with just one little look?

Transfer station, never let me go
How will I ever walk home in the snow?
How will I ever live without your glow?
Warm incandescence and stumbling around
Your chiming mouth wakes me up
Goodbyes and good luck
Track Name: Gold Leaf
We bought a house
A few houses down from his
And we're going to lose it
And your brother, he's thrown another fit
And your sister's thinking this is it
So let's ride down to the riverside

And there's always been that lingering smell

And your mother, she rings the bell
And the churches, they ring those bells
And your sister said it was the end
And he seemed to care
But we found her in her underwear
Track Name: Climb Out My Window (Reprise)
I saw the look in your eyes as you climbed out my window

One foot after another
Fall asleep in my backyard
Try not to raise the dead

I wanted to believe in something again
But oh, your heart won't change